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Operators adjust to Cobots

Operators at KAM Plastics Corp. are getting used to their newest team member, Joey the Cobot. See the story here.

KAM adds COBOT to work alongside Operators


KAM Plastics has added a new collaborative robot that works safely with people to help with the redundant tasks, such as loading a machine over and over.  One of the advantages of cobots is it can work side by side with people without any guarding.  See the full story here.

MoldFlow Simulation Software

KAM Plastics now uses Autodesk® Moldflow® plastic injection molding simulation software. With this capability, our engineering team can improve part designs, optimize injection mold design, and improve our manufacturing processes. Potential problems are identified and avoided well in advance, saving both time and money. The Moldflow software is now used as a key development tool for launching new programs and meeting customer expectations. KAM Plastics is a premier injection molding supplier serving customer in North America. Click here to learn more about our capabilities.

KAM adds new Molding Machines

web_NewMoldingMachines_MG_2108_m1_nsTo keep up with new customer orders, KAM Plastics has added three molding machines as follows:

– Milicron 55 ton: at KAM East
– Milicron 125 ton: at KAM East
– Milicron 90 ton: at KAM West

With these new machines, KAM Plastics now has 67 machines in 3 locations in North America. Click here to see full equipment listing.

Global Shop ERP System

web_GlobalShopERP_MG_2052_m1_nsKAM Plastics launches Global Shop Solutions ERP software. With this system, our manufacturing team can accurately view and schedule shop resources, outside processes, and material requirements.  We track every aspect of our material needs, from detailed inventory data to bill of material cost build-ups. The result is that we can better serve our customers.

Many thanks to to all the KAM team members for their preparation, training, and launch of this important business system.