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When a company needs to be confident they are supported by a highly competent high-quality injection molding supplier, they find KAM Plastics. It’s that simple.


At KAM, we have a reputation for being problem solvers and figuring out how to do the hard stuff. We apply skill, experience, and creativity in how we approach the development of each part.

Customers as Partners

We work in close cooperation with our customers to optimize products and processes to assure that targets of timing, cost, quality, and delivery are met. We win together.

Program Management

Our program managers provide skillful leadership in managing program resources and the critical constraints of specifications, schedule, and budget.

Product Development & Launch Team

Each product is developed with a cross-functional team including a program manager, quality engineer, tooling engineer, and process engineer. This team collaborates to insure that each program is developed and launched to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Mold Flow

KAM Plastics uses Autodesk® Moldflow® plastic injection molding simulation software. With this capability, our engineering team can improve part designs, optimize injection mold design, and improve manufacturing processes.

3 Dimensional Printing

Our 3D Printer allows us to evaluate part designs for manufacturability, tooling, and CMM programming before actual parts are molded

Tooling Development

KAM Plastics tooling and process experts works closely with tooling partners to develop tools of optimum design and construction. Our internal tooling maintenance program insures high-quality care throughout the life of the tool.

Contact us when you have an injection-molded part to develop, no matter how complex.