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Production Associate – Machine Operator – all shifts

First level of plastics injection molding machine operation. Work includes cycling the machine, removing part(s) from the mold. Responsible to check molded parts as required. View Full Posting >



  1. Must be able to operate appropriate equipment and assembly processes.
  2. Required to meet established rates and quality standards within required training time.
  3. Follow written Work Instructions and quality procedures.
  4. Complete daily production reporting paperwork.
  5. Responsible for maintaining housekeeping.
  6. Attends and participates in regular work team meetings.
  7. May rotate task responsibilities and learn all tasks within the area.
  8. May operate a lift jack.
  9. May move production materials up to 55 pounds.
  10. Must be able to work without constant supervision.

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Material Handler – all shifts

Responsible for the coordination and moving of materials to machines. Will stage materials for upcoming production runs. Will clean dryers and grinders from completed runs. View Full Posting >


  1. Responsible for coordinating and prioritizing material mixing and staging for 36-hour period based on production requirements. Will be responsible to ensure material is available at the appropriate machine per the Production Schedule.
  2. Operates gas, battery, or propane powered forklift in a safe and efficient manner to move, load or stack materials.
  3. Responsible to make sure material is staged in appropriate areas.
  4. Coordinates recycling according to material types and performs materials transfers in the computer system.
  5. Will be required to operate computer/bar-coding system to do raw material transfers.
  6. Must maintain a high level of accuracy on all material movement.
  7. Will clean Loaders, Dryers, and Grinders at scheduled Mold Changes.
  8. Must be able to operate appropriate equipment processes.
  9. Follows written Work Instructions and quality procedures.
  10. Responsible for maintaining high level of housekeeping and organization in work areas.
  11. Attends and participates in regular work team meetings.
  12. Must be able to work without constant supervision.
  13. Will perform other tasks as assigned by Manager and/or Team Facilitator.

May need to work weekends and overtime as required to meet our customers’ needs.

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Injection Molding Maintenance Technician – 1st,/2nd split shift & 3rd shifts

Conducts machine setup, troubleshooting, repairs and preventative maintenance services. Must be highly motivated with good organization, communication, and writing skills. Must be hands on with high mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic aptitude, electrical including 3 phase and D.C. and excellent problem-solving skills. Ability to work well under pressure and handle tasks simultaneously. Must be a self-starter. View Full Posting >

Requires high school diploma, specific technical training, and 3+ years of experience working with injection molding machines. Requires ability to troubleshoot electrical issues. Must be able to read and interpret drawings, sketches and specifications as they relate to plastic processing equipment. Required to be familiar with and use all hand tools and power tools common to the skills listed. Must own basic hand tools.

1. Performs typical maintenance tasks to support the assembly floor and the entire facility.
2. Detects and reports defective materials or questionable conditions to the department supervisor.
3. Maintains the work area and equipment in a clean and orderly condition and follows prescribed safety regulations.

4. Assists in organizing and maintaining equipment spare parts inventory. This includes searching, specifying, and in some cases, ordering needed parts to repair or inventory.
5. Performs prescribed preventative maintenance on machinery and the building or grounds as required.
6. Provides emergency/unscheduled repairs of production equipment during production and performs scheduled maintenance repairs of production equipment during machine service.
7. Performs mechanic skills including, but not limited to, mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic troubleshooting and repair.
8. Needs to be willing to work overtime as required. Will be expected to be on-call and willing to come in as needed.
9. Flexibility to perform other duties as required.

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Utility Operator – all shifts

Performs mold changes and set ups on injection molding and related machines. Also sets up equipment and fixtures. Assists with Material Handler responsibilities. View Full Posting >



  1. Perform mold changes and set ups with a Process Tech.
  2. Perform machine shut downs and purging for contamination as needed.
  3. Performs basic maintenance/troubleshooting of equipment, including cleaning nozzle tips, making water lines and cleaning machines. Writes maintenance work requests.
  4. Thorough knowledge of all operations.
  5. Sets up equipment during changeovers. This includes air tools, date stamps, conveyors, etc.
  6. Responsible for the condition of the tools and for following the tool repair/maintenance procedure.
  7. Will operate lift truck.
  8. Completes required documentation including Set Up Checklist, setup log books, etc.
  9. Responsible for ensuring that all machines are set up to Process Book.
  10. Assists Material Hander as necessary.
  11. Performs clean out/material changes for mold changes as needed.
  12. Cleans auxiliary equipment (hoppers, grinders, dryers) purges old material.
  13. Answers and troubleshoots Motan alarms
  14. Test material with moisture analyzer as needed.
  15. Restocks material at press and/or Motan.
  16. Will need to work weekends as required to meet our customers’ needs.
  17. Will perform other tasks as assigned by supervisor.
  18. Responsible for maintaining of 5S standards.

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If you are interested in any of the positions listed above please send your resume to jobs@kamplastics.com. Please feel free to apply in person at our main office at 935 East 40th Street, Holland, Michigan 49423.